Our Mission
Supporting grass-roots community health programs in

Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

We offer funding, supplies and expertise to a group of local churches whose programs include school lunches, community health classes and at-home patient monitoring. Our support enables Christian leaders to meet the physical needs of their community as part of the transformative work of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision
The core of our Vision is our relationship with
Jesus Christ,

who showed his love by feeding the hungry, healing the sick and ransoming us from sin. Because of this relationship, we are motivated to love our neighbors in a tangible way. Inspired by Christ's example, we seek to be excellent, sustainable and Christ-centered in all we do.

We belong to churches in the US that have worked together for many years to love our neighbors in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. For 25 years, our churches have worked in partnership with local Haitian churches, to care for the sick and needy in the surrounding neighborhoods. Because of our relationship to these churches in the US, we partner in their vision of engaging US and Haitian church members in side-by-side ministry.

We have formed deep and lasting friendships with members of the local Haitian churches, the Eglises Baptistes SiloƩ (EBS). Because of these relationships, we are committed to serving the communities in which the respective churches are located. We wish to support their vision for their communities, and always to defer to their leadership and initiative. It is from the needs of our target communities as well as the vision of the local churches that Vwazen Nou get it's specific focus on community health programs.
Our Board

LaRochelle, NP

San Diego, CA
Gelburd, DO

Donor Relations
Charlottesville, VA

VP of Operations
Stratford, CT

Richmond, VA
Pritchard, PhD

Charlottesville, VA
Mc Raven

Board Member
Charlottesville, VA