LADS Community Health Worker Program
LADS (Les Accompagnateurs de l'Eglise Baptiste Siloé Pour la Santé) is a community health worker program founded by members of Siloam Baptist Church in Port-au-Prince. Launched in March of 2009, the program provides at-home monitoring of patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, depression/anxiety and other chronic conditions. The program is co-directed by Saniva Laplante (a nurse) and Ricardo Vibert (an accountant). In addition to patient monitoring, the program offers community health education seminars throughout the year and mobile clinics to identify community members who need to see a doctor. Members of LADS volunteer in the periodic medical clinics offered at Siloam Baptist Church. Every community health worker has successfully completed the training program designed by Vwazen Nou President, Anna Butt. Training includes chronic illness care, maternal and infant care, basic health and hygiene, first aid, bedside manner, and spiritual care. Vwazen Nou has provided funding for continuing education at the Zanmi Lasante/Partners In Health Training Center. Topic have included, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis care, post-traumatic stress disorder and mental health. Vwazen Nou funds the payroll as well as all administrative costs of the program, and we have provided funds to assist LADS patients in emergency situations. In 2011, LADS will receive approximately $24,000 in grants from Vwazen Nou.

CFL School Lunch Program
CFL (Collège Frère Lamérique) is a primary school founded by the late Rev. Bienné Lamérique. The school is located at the facilities of Siloam Baptist Church in Port-au-Prince. In the fall of 2008, the school began serving hot lunches to students and staff, in response to malnourishment and rising food prices. While Pastor Lamérique passed away in the January 2010 earthquake, his widow Marjorie continues to run the school and administer the lunch program. The school classrooms collapsed in the earthquake, but have been replaced with a temporary structure. Currently, the program serves about 110 students and staff every school day. Vwazen Nou provides funding directly to the school to cover the cost of food, kitchen staff and supplies. In 2011, CFL will receive approximately $20,000 in grants from Vwazen Nou.

EBS Medical Clinics
EBS (l'Eglise Baptiste Siloé, or Siloam Baptist Church in English) is a large, dynamic church in the Delmas 30 neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. The church hosts week-long medical clinics five time a year, supplied by and staffed in part by volunteers from churches in the US. Vwazen Nou works with US and Haitian volunteers to coordinate training and medical records. Partnership with the EBS clinics allows the LADS to identify new patients and ensure that chronic patients get regular check-ups and medication refills. The volunteers from US churches include physicians, who regularly provide continuing education to the LADS community health workers. Vwazen Nou does not provide funding directly to the EBS Medical Clinics, but our partnership in the clinics sometimes involves minor expenses. Volunteer hours account for most of Vwazen Nou's contribution to this program.

EBS Home Reconstruction
EBS (l'Eglise Baptiste Siloé) is involved in rebuilding houses for people who lost their home in the January 2010 earthquake. So far, EBS has partnered with churches in the US as well as the Haitian Baptist Convention (CBH) to build more than 20 houses. Vwazen Nou is considering a proposal by EBS church leaders to provide a grant for additional houses. The timeline and costs of this program have not been determined.