Preparing for Haiti

I’ve just returned from a week in Honduras doing medical clinics. It was my 31st trip (but who’s counting). It is  a poor country yet of course it is no where near the poverty of Haiti. Poverty to me is the absence of control over one’s life, primarily, then the absence of money to buy food and shelter.  Tuesday the 31st of July I leave with my team from Christ Community Church for my 8th Haiti trip, i was there last in November, 2011. I have hope for Haiti after that trip because i see changes, Canaan is a  new city, 300,000 strong, a 30 minute tap tap ride from Port au Prince. No infrastructure but great breeze, no pollution, quiet, apparently less crime and water trucked in every day. One can buy land there, allegedly $250 for a 1/4 acre and gardens are growing there!!

so i’m spiritually prepared and about to start packing. next blog when i get back!!

Dr. Greg Gelburd