A Modern-Day God Story

The electronic medical records system is the result of a collaboration between Vwazen Nou and the Grace Network of churches.

I wrote this post a few months ago and meant to post it then.  I just ran across it again and it’s just too good of a story not to share!

This past Sunday, I was sitting in church when the pastor, Dave Butt, told an amazing story about how the electronic medical records system served as a testimony to God’s healing.  I’m sure I won’t do it justice, but I simply must retell it here for your benefit.

When a patient comes to see a physician at the clinic, his or her medical record is consulted so that the doctor knows the history of the patient’s vital signs and the medications that have been prescribed.  This is what the physician and Dave (who was serving as a translator) were doing for a particular patient, who we’ll call “John Doe” here.  John had a history of high blood pressure and diabetes, both of which are common maladies in Haiti.  Dave noticed that these issues had been well controlled on medicine and suggested that his prescriptions be refilled – and that’s when the patient revealed the most beautiful secret, something he had kept to himself until he could tell it to Dave: In the days following the earthquake, John had attended a church service at which Dave had preached about believing and trusting God.  John was later meditating on this message, when an “apparition” appeared to him and promised healing, should John live this way.  He resolved to do so and immediately stopped taking his blood pressure medications.  A little while later, the apparition again appeared with a similar message, after which John discontinued his diabetes medications.  It’s worth noting here that both blood pressure and diabetes are quite difficult to control in the impoverished and stressful conditions endured by the community the clinic serves, yet Dave and physician could clearly see that in the two years following the earthquake this patient’s vital signs and blood glucose had been within the normal range.  How could this be explained but as the blessing and faithfulness of God?

I have long been a big fan of the medical records system because it improves patient care; it’s been an important collaboration between the Grace Network of churches and Vwazen Nou for this reason.  However, it never crossed my mind that God would leverage this computer program as an undeniable testament of His power and goodness, like He did with John.  I hope and pray that God will continue to use our meager efforts to bring glory to Himself!

Jessica Pritchard
Vwazen Nou Treasurer

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